Design your dream life and be successful at it

You became an Entrepreneur because you have a dream to have a life on your terms. Not stuck behind someone else's dream life.

Your mission is to serve others through your creativity and passions while making enough money to life your dream life!

As a web designer, I’m here to help you succeed.

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You’re not afraid to try new things.

I mean, you’ve tried building your own website. You’ve tackled the copywriting, branding and layout.


Messy desk with a closed laptop and notebooks

You've realized: Websites are just NOT your thing.

No matter how much time you spend in front of your computer, it feels like you’re never going to get your website to look & feel like you & what you stand for.

You don’t even look at your website anymore because you’re tired of it all, from the colour schemes & dragging-and-dropping, to the internet jargon & tech glitches.

This was never the plan: you didn’t start this business to waste brainpower on websites.

Your business deserves a website that reflects your vision.

What if, the next time a friend says, “Oh, I know someone who could use your help”  and asks for your website…

You could just casually give them the link, knowing that they’re going to be super impressed?

I can make that happen.

Courtney smiling on boardwalk at a lake

Hey there!

I'm Courtney

I’m a web designer for Life Coaches and small businesses who want to positively impact the world..

I help my clients get confident in their packages and booking more clients so they can make real progress toward reaching their big picture goals.

I’d love to help you, too.

Raving Reviews

I feel confident to share my site

I was always hesitant to share my website with someone or I would share and immediately apologize "I'm sorry the website is a mess. It's a work in progress" and it felt like a reflection on how unclear I was on my potential client journey.

Now, I know exactly what the main goal of my site is (book that call!). And I feel confident to share my site with potential clients and colleagues. I don't feel like I need to be hiding anymore!

Jennifer Kent

Career Coach

The why behind my work

Coaching has transformed my life

By the age of 26 I was having a quarter life crisis about every 6-months. For several weeks I would be extremely anxious and cripplingly desperate to have anyone tell me what to do with my life. At this time in my life, I was bombarded with negative self talk.

Because of my obnoxious inner critic I had no self-worth, self-confidence or self-love. I was a huge people pleaser and extremely indecisive. Needless to say — fear ran my life.

One day, out of the blue, a girlfriend of mine asked me to read a book with her. Although I don’t remember the name of this book, it was all about self-acceptance and self-love.

To be honest, I had no idea that “self-love” was a thing that people had (like what? people love themselves without being an arrogant ass?).

After reading this book, a world was opened up to me and I was hooked. I dove into learning all about my brain, how it works, human psychology, spirituality and self-worth. I took CBT and NLP courses just to better understand myself, my friends and my family.

I was diligent in doing the work I thought was necessary to “be better”.

This led me to discovering Life Coaches and the transformational work they do.

Just as I thought my healing journey was reaching a close and I had things all figured out. I started working with a fantastic woman who specializes in deepening awareness. I quickly realized my inner critic still had a substantial hold on my life. 

Through my studies and the work I was doing with my coach, I realized my conditioning that made me feel like I needed to "be more", "be different", "be better" runs rampant in my society and still in my life.

We are made to think our joy, peace, success, pride and love are found outside of ourselves, either in others or in the things we acquire. Unlearning that conditioning, replacing it with self-compassion and love, is transforming my life in ways I couldn't have imagined.

Life is more enjoyable, peaceful and tolerable in the darker moments. 

I believe there is a level of self-discovery that can only be reached with a trust-worthy, compassionate, supporter. I believe Life Coaches are that support. They have the power to help people transform their reality for the better.

Get to know me better

Things my friends know about me

Courtney doing kissy face at the camera

I'm based in Ontario, Canada

Ontario is holds about 250,000 lakes and is estimated to have 20% of the world’s freshwater stores. Camping and swimming at these lakes is a big part of our summers.
A group of friends sitting around a table playing Jenga
Bay of Fundy in Canada. The tide is out leaving large rock pillars

I love playing games

My favourite pass time is sitting around the kitchen/patio table playing board and card games. I even host murder mystery games with my husband in our home. We just can't get enough!  

My favourite games right now are:

Betrayal at the House on the Hill


Oh Hell (also known as Wizard)

I love being a goof

If the mood strikes I like to sing about the things I see or the activity I'm doing. And sometimes, I dance without music, wherever I happen to be (it happens when I'm alone in my kitchen and in public) because moving feels good and I practice not caring what strangers think of me.

My Friends tell me...

That I'm getting better at losing (recovering sore loser here!)

I inspire them to be themselves

That I should stick to building websites and leave baking protein banana muffins to someone else...

I'm not going to sugar coat it

Building a relationship starts with first impressions

Your website is one of the first places where people really get to know you. This is where they can get a no pressure, easy intake of who you are, the values you carry, the problems you solve and what kind of results your services provide to others just like them.

When you throw up a website just to have one up you miss out on making a meaningful connections with your people. A half-assed website could mean you're actually losing time, money and clients (yikes!).

My websites start at your business foundations so nothing is missed.

Courtney giving finger guns

More than anything...

I want you to connect with your people, make money doing what you love and have more time, focus and energy for the things you care about. Let me build you a website that is structured to work for your business, directed at supporting your business goals.

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