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Let’s get your business reaching more people through an amazing looking website that’s setup to filter in only the best people for you.

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Your website can help you get the freedom you crave

You built this business to get more freedom and help more lives, but you're website isn't helping you do that.

I see this all the time with my clients —

You DIY your website when you started because you know how important it is to have an online presence, but the end result was less than ideal. Now your website shame keeps you from showing it to potential clients and it's affecting your business.

You're answering the same questions over and over to help people make the right decision on your services just to find out they aren't a good fit. The messages from Facebook and Instagram come at all hours of the of day.

You spend hours trying to fix your tech problems only to leave your website as "good enough" and that's putting it nicely. You get so frustrated that if you stayed to fix the problem you'd be pulling your hair out!

Your clients are seeing tangible results

Your coaching works. You're helping people shift their lives in meaningful ways.

So, why isn't your website booking calls?

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What makes me different

I'm all about creating meaningful connections

When you hire me to build your website, I go deep into learning about you and your business so that I can provide you with my best work.

I'm not here to create templated designs and have you on your way. I care about the quality of my websites and about the success of your business.

That's why I learn all about your individuality, your clients, your business goals and your style so that your website can best represent you to filter in the kinds of people who are excited to work with you!

Your website can work 24/7 to grow your business

When you stop trying to wear all the hats and allow me to build you a website that supports your business that means...

You book more sales calls and help more people because you're website positions you as an expert and you're proud to share it with the world.

You save time and repetition everyday because your website is filtering in your kinds of people while answering common questions and objections.

You'll have more peace and get to keep your hair since you have access to a professional who can help you with all of your tech problems.

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What's included

Web design packages for life coaches

Everything you need to show up strategically, professionally and authentically

An easy to manage website

I'll build you a professional, completely customized website using Webflow or Squarespace that includes:

— All necessary pages

— Pop up promoting your opt-in

— Mobile responsive layout

— Website editor that's as easy as double-click, type & publish.


Website content that speaks directly to your

— Copywriting for the website (ex the legal stuff)

— Content that aligns with your vibe and tone

— Curated content flow for each webpage


Get clear on your niche, messaging and business values.

— 90 min Brand Interview

— Project mood board

— Brand style guide (fonts, spacing, colours)

— Font style logo


I'll set up your website strategically for optimization and metrics to help you monitor your business.

— Site map for your client's journey

— Base SEO for core pages

— Image optimization

— Connect with Google Analytics (for Squarespace websites)


— Stock photography from Adobe Stock


Your 100% custom website branded to align with you and your clients.

packages Starting at

$2,600 USD

(paid over 3 installments)

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Case study

Fully Booked in 4 Months!

"I loved working with you! Your ability to listen and work in partnership to find solutions is awesome!

Now my website reflects who I am, FINALLY! I've tried to build it on my own, and I've hired out before, but with you I feel supported and understood."

Allison Waite

Check out this case study

My Process

How it works

Brand Interview


Once we sign the contract, we schedule our project Kick-off call & Brand Interview. Here, We'll get clear on your audience, your goals and your vibe . The goal is to get to know your business just as well as you do.

Get in touch


Fill out the inquiry form on the contact page and schedule a discussion call (it's totally free) to talk about you and business. This conversation is gaged to see if we're a good fit.
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I'll develop your website in Webflow or Squarespace depending on your business needs. Both platforms make it easy for you to manage and edit your content.

Copy & Design


After our in-depth interview, I'll write the copy for your website, create your brand and begin designing so you can get to see your new brand in action!

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Launch & Celebrate!


Finally, it's time to celebrate & launch your website! I make sure you're all set for success in the future with your new website by providing you with a recorded tutorial of how to edit & manage your site.

Raving Reviews

Now we have a website that we are incredibly proud of

Courtney provided fantastic advice on how to ensure our website is serving its purpose to our audience.

The website is everything we imagined it to be and more. Now we have a website that we are incredibly proud to refer our potential customers to for more information!

Heather Setka

Marketing Consultant @ Inxpress

Courtney throwing up peace signs excited to meet a new coach

Choosing me to build your website means you're saying yes to:

A website that works - be confident sharing your website knowing it's designed to filter in your kind of people.

Space for growth - spend more energy growing your business instead of worrying about your website.

More clients - convert more visitors and build stronger relationships with branding foundations and clear copy.

More time - to focus on anything you want. Like your family, your hobbies, your wellbeing; your life.

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So, what do you think?

Ready to fill your calendar with your dream clients, family time and fun?

I'd love to help you reach more people, be confident in your website and ultimately have a successful business.

Get started by clicking the button below. Once you send me the contact form, I'll send you more details and we'll schedule a no-pressure call to see if we'll fit well together.

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